Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Revolving Doors

This place is like a prison, it has revolving doors. The guests leave but too often they return, even more broken then before. I want to tell the guests that I am tired too. They are tired of their failures just as I am tired of  viewing their failures as a reflection of my casework. I cannot claim their failures anymore then I can claim their successes.

Did  I treat this man right? Am I enabling him? Did I empower him? Am I making a difference?


Brittany Blankenship said...

You ARE making a difference! What you're doing is tough, and they have choices, too.

TaraB said...

Dylan, I want to say something encouraging here...but I'm not sure exactly what. Just know that it takes a healthy dose of strength and good character to do what you're doing - and I am so impressed by you for being there in the first place.

kessia reyne said...

It's a very difficult thing to help people change. And look at Jesus-- He gave everything and gives everything, and still most people couldn't care less.

It's not people's responses that measure the quality of your gifts. Keep giving, Dylan, in whatever ways you can.