Friday, February 24, 2012


Last night was regrettable, but definitely repeatable, if the circumstances should call for it.  

Sadie picked me up at 12am in Portland, Oregon, however we didn't leave the airport until about 1am. The drive to Milo was  exhausting, it wasn't my finest hour, I unfortunately fell asleep for a considerable portion of the journey. Arriving at Milo around 5am, Sadie tried to guilt me into taking a shower, (Sadie thinks that airplanes are really dirty, and I do agree), but I was too tired to care. Her house was freezing and she has decided not to use the heat because it cost about $500 each month. It was so cold, I tucked my head into the covers, hoping my breath might warm me. When I got uncomfortable, I wanted to readjust but the covers were too cold,  I eventually fell asleep in the original position. We slept for about an hour. Sadie had class at 7am and now we both have been up since then. 

In between classes, we started her fireplace, hopefully it will be warm when we get back...

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