Friday, February 3, 2012

Frustrating Observations

Last week, my co-worker and I were charged with the task of finding a guest that was homeless simply due to the economic recession. We reviewed a list of at least 130 men, we only found one.

Men buy Ramen Noodles and Mountain Dew with food stamps, they then sell it in the lobby; the proceeds then enable them to buy cigarettes and booze.  

Guests are provided three meals a day. When they aren’t served seconds they protest.

Many men refuse to drink water from the drinking fountain (there is nothing wrong with the fountain) and demand to have bottled water instead. 

Most clients have cell phones and many of them have laptops. 

Men receive free basic healthcare and medications.  When they are ready to bounce to their next destination, many of them carelessly abandon their meds. 

It is not uncommon to see former guests that have housing vouchers and food stamps panhandling. All of their needs are met with the exception of their vices.  


Nicholas said...

Dang son. I will probably avoid helping the homeless forever now.

EMILY STAR said...

We should talk about entitlement sometime...

JannaB. said...

I work at brothers bar and grille downtown on monday afternoon happy hours... I have found that my crowd of regulars consists of many men from the shelter and it frustrates me... I appreciated your thoughts on it from an inside source :) Good post!