Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shades of Grey

I could still betray God, but not today. 

Things used to be much more black and white and honestly, I would prefer to subscribe to that kind of religion. My entire life, I have been taught that Jesus is the answer. I still believe it, but  as I get older, I see that life is complex; the solutions aren’t always simple or easy. I have at times doubted the authority of the Bible and I have even evaluated the idea that there might not be a God. 

Doubt has flood my mind at times but I am reassured that there is a loving Creator.   There is good and bad in life. Our sense of justice confirms this Great Controversy. We have the ability to love and to create, attributes of the one that created us. Life is simply too intricate for us to have evolved. Something never comes from nothing. We live in a created world and this necessitates a creator.  Every car has a manufacturer, every book has an author, every house has a builder, and every loaf of bread has a baker.   Everything that is created has a purpose. Cars are for transportation, books are for communication, homes are for shelter, and bread is for eating.   You are much more valuable and complex than any of these things. 

I believe in the Bible because it confirms what I can observe apart from religion. The Bible tells the story of a fallen World and shares a plan for its redemption -which is so beautiful to me. There is hope in its pages. When I read the Bible, it influences me, like no other book I have ever read.  I still have lots of questions. Some things might be cultural? Interruption can be confusing.  Some passages might have been intended for past or future ages of the Church? And just because the Bible makes a promise, does it make it good for all times and people?  I don’t know? I think that many of my religious activities might be practiced more out of tradition then out of Biblical principal and I am OK with that. Traditions are good but we need to be clear that they are traditions and not our salvation. 

Shades of grey overwhelm me. Simple faith requires that we accept truths as they become clear to us. If I want to know God, I should spend time with Him, He will impress upon my heart what I need to know for that time.


Justin Jones said...

These are good thoughts brother. Thank you for sharing them.

TaraB said...
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TaraB said...

Dylan, my friend, you've touched a deep part of my soul with this. Let's have a lengthy conversation sometime and talk about these things. I have thoughts (or maybe more questions) and I want to hear more of yours.

Ben Schnell said...

your blog is the essence of my great controversy :)