Thursday, November 10, 2011

There is beauty in life and love is a miracle.

 Starbucks-San Luis Obispo
Rheu-Iowa State Fair
Dance Party-Bobbys Jungle 
Lance getting slapped in the face
I don’t normally drink Coke but I drink it when I am with Lance Mishleau. I typically hate visiting tourist traps but when I am with Rheu Daniel, I don’t mind because that is what he likes. Jameson Hilliard likes rap music so that is what we listen to together. Emily Wilkens likes to drink coffee and while I have often held strong convictions about this topic, I enjoy drinking it with her. In the company of Matt Turk and Chris Mateo, I often find myself in a dance party. When I am with my sister Allison, we eat at Olive Garden. (We are champions when it comes to the unlimited soup and salad). Sadie Baby likes to go shopping so that is what we do together. When I am with Phillip Stokes, we shoot guns because Phil is a true American. And when I am in the deep South with Amanda Jehle , we talk about religion and intellectual things. There is beauty in life and love is a miracle.


Emily Star said...

when I'm with YOU, I break into old trainstations, and run from the law. You Dylan, have been listening to Sara non stop! I'm going to her concert on Sunday, wish you could come!

Miss Jehle said...

I think you're due for another visit to the South...or at the VERY least a finish of that phone conversation :)

Carley Brown said...

What about me??? We flew like ninjas down stairwells in Prague that one time haha I really like this post

Sadie said...

I think we all have broken the law when we spend time with you. Just think, at one point in history, exploring was seen as a grand venture and not trespassing.

Sadie said...
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Dylan Wren said...

I like that Sadie, a grand venture.