Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bobby Slam

I lock Bobby in the airlock. My co-worker, Josh opens the door, only wide enough to inform Bobby that he isn’t welcomed at the Mission.  This man is too intoxicated and is a threat to other guests.  Bobby pushes his way through the doorway. He gets up in Josh’s face and starts pointing at him. He yells profanities. We do a fake police call, in hopes that it will scare him off.  It doesn’t work. He pushes his way past Josh and enters the Agape Center. He then starts pounding on the office door, thankfully Josh and I are safely behind the door.  I call the police for real this time. Bobby makes his way to the glass window in the office. I wish he would have just said what he had to say but instead he sprayed it all over the window. Unsatisfied, he walks out the door and sits down on a chair. 

Dinner starts at this time. Josh goes into the cafeteria to supervise. Bobby comes back, another guest had opened the door for him, to my dismay. I stop him outside the office. He gets in my face; I keep stepping back, while still trying to hold my ground. He covers my glasses with speckles of spit. He tells me he wants to use the restroom. I tell him no! He can go somewhere else.  He then unzips his pants while telling me he is going to pee on me. I tell him that is a very very bad idea! It must have made sense to him because he zipped his pants back up. Wanting to make right what he had almost just done, he puts his hand out, wanting to shake mine. I fall for it and shake his hand only he doesn’t let go. The accountant, Jeff catches this on the camera in his office. Jeff breaks it up. He asked me if I need anything? I say yes, the police!

The police finally arrive. They don’t arrest him. They ask him if he wants to go to detox , he doesn’t so they cant make him. They escort him off the property and that is it. Tell me, if Bobby had come into my own personal home and done the same act, would the police have responded the same way?  I would hope they would have slammed this fool flat on his face and arrested him. But I guess since it is the People’s City Mission it doesn’t matter? 


Emily Star said...

These are some rough dudes, and I'm proud of you for keeping your cool? Man, your job is hard!

Stella said...

That's a really crazy situation. Way to go for being calm and standing your ground. Not sure why the cops reacted the way they did. That's a good question.

TaraB said...

Oh my word you almost got peed on! Dylan, you're hard as nails. I'm proud of you my friend!