Friday, October 28, 2011

Its Not My Fault

I understand. This morning, I missed my flight in Omaha by ten minutes. To my dismay, I had to pay $75 to fly stand-by. To make matters worse, I had to watch my original flight take off without me on board.

This week, I also had a dispute with my bank that resulted in a $30 over draft fee.

I hate paying for fines.

There are rules in society, if you don’t play by them, the Man will stick it to you.

I didn’t understand. At the Mission, guests will continue to break the same rules over and over again. They might get arrest or kicked out, but they never learn. They keep doing it regardless of the negative reinforcement. This didn’t make any sense to me?

I want to blame my bank for the over daft fee. I want to believe that United Airlines is unreasonable but in reality I am to blame. I made the choice to eat breakfast before going to the airport, which in the end made me miss my flight. I didn’t keep close enough track of my finances. I didn’t realize that a transaction hadn’t cleared. I over extended my bank account. I alone am to blame for these fines.

I kicked a guy out of the Mission this week for drinking on property. He blamed me, but really it was his fault. I didn’t give him the beer.

Many of the men at the mission blame the staff, the police, or other guests for their problems. As long as they believe they are not to blame, I think they will continue to repeat the same mistakes. To do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is insanity. It is crazy and it isn’t just the men at the Mission. 

Hello, California. 


kessia reyne said...

yes, the most successful (and happy) people are those who believe that

the locus of control

is within them, not outside them.

Ben Schnell said...

good thoughts, I agree.

Emily Star said...

I love hearing about what you're learning from the guys at the mission. Hello California! Tell my brother Hello from me!