Saturday, September 24, 2011

North by Northeast

My friend Jameson is moving to Boston. He asked me if I would like to go with him. I said yes!

Night one was spend in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with James parents. Cedar Rapids is famous for having five seasons, the fifth season of course being fun! 

Day two was spend with Curtis, his wife Ellen, and Kaylea in Toledo, Ohio. If Toledo had a fifth season it would be crime. Toledo is infamous for being the third largest city for sex trafficking and slavery in the United States.

The third evening was spend in Toronto, Ontario stuck in traffic! While listening to the radio I learned that “some people have a sweet tooth but everyone has a meat tooth.”  I also learned that ten percent of Canadians smoke pot. The signs in Ontario are English but they make no sense, i.e. “ the collector is open ahead.”  What does that mean? Am I on a toll road?

This morning we arrived in Montreal, Quebec.

Canada depending on it relationship with the United States is either [ed. Note:  Dylan had to shower for church and the following was written by James] invaluable or worthless.  Their women are beautiful and their food is delicious.  But Toronto’s traffic jams inspire one to take up bicycling.   Their road signs, printed in French, are impossible to understand—particularly for the two of us, who speak no French.  Hmm…maybe that was the problem.

Upon arriving at Brittany’s apartment at 1:45 AM, we felt certain we’d be shanked on the sidewalk and left to die.  Random people wandered through the streets and alleys.  Trash littered the parking spaces.  Thankfully, Brittany quickly let us in and showed us where to sleep.  Her apartment is fantastic!  Very clean and comfortable.  We were pleasantly surprised to sleep in a 100% cockroach-free environment.  Thank you, Brittany (and Tammy and Murielle) for your hospitality!

It goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Can’t wait to explore the city now.


TaraB said...

Dylan! Your life is fun! Nice work, my friend.

Emily Star said...

ya make me proud dylan. the air tastes like candy!