Friday, September 23, 2011

Life & Death

Life and death are knotted together. You cannot have death without first having life.

Last Thursday, my little sister Allison gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Tessa. Holding her in the hospital brought excitement to my soul that I had never felt before. I have held plenty of babies before but this one was different because it is my sisters.  I can only begin to imagine the enthusiasm that Allison and Azuri have.

When they checked out of the hospital it felt kind of like Christmas to me. One year, I got an electric train set from my grandparents. I was thrilled! I remember my dad giving me instruction on how to operate my new trains before playing with them. It was kind of like that. The nurse educated Al on how to care for a new born. I think Allison knew most everything the nurse told her. But after that we got to take Tessa home for Sabbath lunch! This was a beautiful celebration of life.

Today was nothing like Sabbath. Today one of guys at the mission was murdered. He was stabbed to death.  Some of his friends from the Mission witnessed it.  Thankfully this didn’t happen at the Mission.  

One of his friends came in crying with the news, covered in blood. There were pictures of the paramedics taking him out of the house posted on the Internet and live footage broadcasted on TV from the crime scene.

Just the day before, I helped this man; Pete cut the lock off his locker because he had lost his key. I remember talking to him. I had worked with Pete before. That day Pete turned in his last chore ticket.  He was only 29 years old; he had no idea that tomorrow he would die. Scarier still, the perpetrator had stayed at the mission before. This is only the fourth homicide to happen in Lincoln this year. 

“Lately death and life get so confusing
I can’t tell the difference here tonight”

Jon Foreman 


Justin Jones said...

Man, life and death do get so confusing sometimes. Thanks for these thoughts.

kessia reyne said...

The human experience-- struggling toward rebirth, fighting against life...

Thanks for sharing, Dylan. Sorry for the grief you must feel... That kind makes the heart and head hurt.

Miss Jehle said...

What a week of extremes. I'm glad you didn't experience only the bad kind.