Sunday, April 10, 2011


Out of the noise generated by a multitude of travelers waiting about the vast waiting room of the Sacramento Train Station comes a announcement echoing over the public address system: “May I have your attention…please…Amtrak California Zephyr…train 6…scheduled to depart at 11:09 A.M. for Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Chicago and intermediate points…is ready for boarding on track 2!”

I am fond of traveling by train. Trains have alluring names like: Broadway Limited, Coast Starlight, and Empire Builder. There is a certain romance to it that can’t be found in flying, especially with today’s pesky TSA agents and airlines every scheming plans to charge for basic services.

As I say good-bye to Lance, I think to myself, he most definitely is my worst best friend ever! But he is also my best friend. It is strange how a person can fill both of those parts in my heart, at the same time. Boarding the train, I also realize, I am wearing the same outfit I wore the day Emily and I left Lincoln, ironic huh?

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Randall Yeo said...

Dylan Wren, you are an interesting guy. You seem so conservative, safe and stable, but yet you take chances in your life like quitting your job to spend time alone in the wilderness. You like spending time taking trains, which take days to travel to a destination when a plane would take hours. You seem to love road trips. You are a complex guy. The little time that I got to know you made quite an impression on me. You are a great guy. Please make a point to visit us again. California is calling you. Maybe when Emily moves to San Luis Obispo, you can too. Good luck with the job search, and the flipping of houses.