Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out of Control!

To get this picture we had to dodge incoming traffic on highway 75.

There is some days that Emily will burst out, “ I feel crazy!”

Occasionally, she wears the same outfit, back to back. When she does this, there is a high chance it is going to be a crazy clothes combo i.e. pajama pants, striped bright orange shirt, hot pink shoes, and winter hat, (which she tells me smelt like an old lady when she got it at a thrift store). On most days she doesn’t wear socks with her shoes. One day, on the road she had an urge to go running. We stopped. She put her tights on and then went jogging along side of the road! She is out-of-con-trol!!!

Yesterday, as I walked to the cafeteria at Southern, it hit me; I too am out of- control! Emily has influenced. There I was wearing no socks with my shoes. I had my swimming trunks on, my eyes red from the chorine in the pool. My mane untrimmed, like I was trying to grow a mullet (maybe I should grow one?). If we stay in a place longer then a few days, they may notice me re-wearing my unwashed clothes too. And today I fell asleep in the Southern library.


TaraB said...

I'm glad Emily finally found someone who will run with the timer. That's always her job on our adventures. We have lots of pictures of her back--running. Sucka!

kessia reyne said...

I've slept in that library too. There are better places to sleep, but it'll do in a pinch.

Enjoy TN :)

nance said...

Sounds like you are having so much fun! Too bad we missed each other while you guys were in Oklahoma. I didn't realize the magnitude of this book tour, it's huge! Such fun! Makes me want to quit work and go travel :) Glad you are living life my friend!

Linda J said...

i'm sure you are wearing your clothes over again and again, i'm not there to help you wash your clothes. hoe you are having fun, but please stay alive. hope emily doesn't kill you before you get back home. everyone in gentry loves emily. they all had lots of ?love you and miss you. flordia vac 2012. so please pencil your family in your plans,next summer. love you mom