Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mexico: Inlet 41

I am a book agent. My boss is my golden ticket. Without her I don’t have a future, the traveling would stop, I would lose my salary (which I will address later), I wouldn’t have any food, pretty much my entire livelihood would be destroyed. That is at least for the next few weeks. She realizes she has this power over me and occasionally threatens to fire me! Many times, she will do this in the audience of acquaintances.

When she does this, I am forced to offer a rebuttal (which I hate to do), I reminder her, that without me, her personal accountant disappears, her driver stops driving, and her book agent walks! Game over, Emily Star Wilkens! Her response usually goes something like this, “does African Rice Heart mean anything to you!?!”

She pays me in the form of avocado melt sandwich’s and today beaches! Last week it was the Atlantic, this week it is the Pacific. We are in Mexico and it is beautiful!


Nicholas said...

Empty threats. Enjoy the salty waters.

Ben Schnell said...

: )

BrittanyK said...

love and hate. a saltry mix, but somehow fitting.