Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ATL:Not So Dirty

“Soul nourishing” is what Ansley Howe promised.

Beds with clean sheets were prepared.

Brand new bathing towels were laid out (I don’t even think Ansley had used them yet).

Options for the evening included:

Walking around the neighborhood (Usher, Ben Affleck, & the Governor of Georgia all live in her hood)

Baking cookies

Playing with babies



Chi tea

When coming up with the menu for supper, Ansley asked if there were any request?

Emily, said “basil?”

Her reply was: Soup with basil? Basil grill cheese? Fresh bean salad with basil?

Ansley, rolled the red carpet out for us! Thank you!

Maybe, Atlanta isn’t so dirty, after all?


BrittanyK said...

I'm glad that our southern city has been revived in your eyes.

Ben Schnell said...

i love Atlanta