Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Loma Linda

Loma Linda is a place for friends! I had lunch with Maranatha, ate yogurt with Sarah and Brittany, and ended the day with Taylor and Matt. The previous day, I visited my cousin Amanda, had dinner with another old friend from Union, and saw my parents in Palm Spring. Loma Linda is full of life and warmth!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mexico: Inlet 41

I am a book agent. My boss is my golden ticket. Without her I don’t have a future, the traveling would stop, I would lose my salary (which I will address later), I wouldn’t have any food, pretty much my entire livelihood would be destroyed. That is at least for the next few weeks. She realizes she has this power over me and occasionally threatens to fire me! Many times, she will do this in the audience of acquaintances.

When she does this, I am forced to offer a rebuttal (which I hate to do), I reminder her, that without me, her personal accountant disappears, her driver stops driving, and her book agent walks! Game over, Emily Star Wilkens! Her response usually goes something like this, “does African Rice Heart mean anything to you!?!”

She pays me in the form of avocado melt sandwich’s and today beaches! Last week it was the Atlantic, this week it is the Pacific. We are in Mexico and it is beautiful!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great American Southwest

Great American Southwest, you defy me!

It took us almost two days to cross the grand Republic of Texas. Oil wells, wind fields, and barren land, that is what you are Texas. I don't know my my sister Sadie likes you? But lets make one thing clear, I don't share those same feelings!

The Land of Enchantment, welcomed us with more variety. New Mexico, you rebel against nature and grow walnut orchards in the middle of the desert.

Arizona, your mild winters make it feel like spring time. Green lawns, blooming petunias, and tanned citizens, no wonder why all the snow birds migrate here.

Southwest, I am tired of traveling through you but I am afraid that we still have a long was to go!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Atlantic Seaboard

Our forefathers moved west with the hope of achieving Manifest Destiny. Today we moved east with same spirit. To reach the Atlantic Seaboard, we had to sacrifice (most certainly not as much as our forefathers did) but it still was a sacrifice! We diverted eight hours from our scheduled path to make Savannah, Georgia our most eastern terminus. Calculated into CD time, that is at least 11 CDs. We like to play the same mix over and over and over again. That is a lot of the same songs when you are driving from sea to shining sea!

ATL:Not So Dirty

“Soul nourishing” is what Ansley Howe promised.

Beds with clean sheets were prepared.

Brand new bathing towels were laid out (I don’t even think Ansley had used them yet).

Options for the evening included:

Walking around the neighborhood (Usher, Ben Affleck, & the Governor of Georgia all live in her hood)

Baking cookies

Playing with babies



Chi tea

When coming up with the menu for supper, Ansley asked if there were any request?

Emily, said “basil?”

Her reply was: Soup with basil? Basil grill cheese? Fresh bean salad with basil?

Ansley, rolled the red carpet out for us! Thank you!

Maybe, Atlanta isn’t so dirty, after all?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out of Control!

To get this picture we had to dodge incoming traffic on highway 75.

There is some days that Emily will burst out, “ I feel crazy!”

Occasionally, she wears the same outfit, back to back. When she does this, there is a high chance it is going to be a crazy clothes combo i.e. pajama pants, striped bright orange shirt, hot pink shoes, and winter hat, (which she tells me smelt like an old lady when she got it at a thrift store). On most days she doesn’t wear socks with her shoes. One day, on the road she had an urge to go running. We stopped. She put her tights on and then went jogging along side of the road! She is out-of-con-trol!!!

Yesterday, as I walked to the cafeteria at Southern, it hit me; I too am out of- control! Emily has influenced. There I was wearing no socks with my shoes. I had my swimming trunks on, my eyes red from the chorine in the pool. My mane untrimmed, like I was trying to grow a mullet (maybe I should grow one?). If we stay in a place longer then a few days, they may notice me re-wearing my unwashed clothes too. And today I fell asleep in the Southern library.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

living itinerary *subject to change

LINCOLN- Oklahoma City -



philadelphia-WASHINGTON D.C.-




Newbury Park-Pismo Beach-PORTLAND-


Spokane-Upper Columbia-


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Black Brick

I go rushing down the stairs! While simultaneously, attempting to get driving directions to Spring Valley Academy on my notebook. We are late! That morning we didn't even know what time we were suppose to be there, until 15 minutes prior, when we got a courtesy call from Karl Haffner. I feel my foot slip. I try to regain my balance. I start to fall. Thinking about the notebook, I hold it as high as possible in my hand, in an effort avoid damaging it. My tailbone hits the edge of the stair. I continue in forward motion, hitting every stair until I reach the bottom. Screaming in pain, Emily rushes in. Karma, for the crimes I committed in Oklahoma.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Everyday, Everywhere, People Are So ALIVE!

Jonsi is on repeat and the Missouri countryside comes to life!

Emily texts, “We have the windows down. The wind is like candy! Tastes so good!!!!”

Taylor replies, “ Are you guys doing crack!?!”

Everyday, Everywhere, People Are So ALIVE!