Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Numbers Tell the Story

This last year, I estimate that I spend $2,260.18 on gas, $1,876.76 on dinning out, $616.64 on airline tickets, hotels, and entertainment and $5,096.94 on assorted merchandise. Over all I spend an estimated $19,246.56 in 2010. That leaves about $9,396.08 in miscellaneous expenses, which would include rent, house flipping expenses, and other ambiguous items.


Scott Kabel said...

I'm surprised the travel expenses were so low. Did you spend the whole year in at an outlet mall or driving around one in a Hummer? I need to keep track of my money.

JannaB. said...

Wow thats super fun... you were always better at keeping track of finances then I was. lol. :)