Friday, October 1, 2010

Let It Melt

[Photo:Paris, France 2008]

There is no security in this world! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

I feel like many people don’t have vision. To make maters worse these people are typically the ones that sit behind a desk and are given the power to either grant or deny the people with the passion.

I use to think that I really wanted a dog. I saw a guy carrying a bag of dog poop today. If this part of dog ownership maybe I don’t need a dog?

I want to be a man of principle. I had a dark night with myself the other night. I realize that I am lacking.

I have never really respected authority, maybe I should? My character needs to be refined and I can admit that.

Live like a Parisian? I think that could be fun for a while. I need a mrs?

Emily Wilkens says it is all about words. It is true. I don’t always pick the best words when trying to communicate and it results in a lot more explaining then I would like. Sometimes I don’t get the chance to explain and that is even worst.

I found ten dollars at work the other day. If no one claims the money in 90 days, I get to keep it.

I am resolute to become the man that God has made me to be. To live for my Creator is an act of worship. I believe that God wants to take me to heights that I could never reach on my own accord. I want people to see my life and say he could never have done that on his own.


Miss Jehle said...

I understand your thoughts on dogs. Stink keeps pooping on my porch.

TaraB said...

Yes, I think that the poop I continue to see on Amanda's porch is my reality check that we shouldn't have a dog.

Dark nights are real sucky, but it means you're searching and thinking... and those are good things in life. Keep living with passion Mr. Wren, I don't see how God could put all that in you and not use it for something awesome.

Emily Star said...

You don't need a m-r-s. you need a s-r-m....which is a sermon. i'm going to give you a sermon next time we talk. and by sermon, i mean pep talk. hah miss you dylan!

Lance Mishleau said...


JannaB. said...

This picture was from one of my favorite days of our trip. Good times in Paris.