Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Less Talkin', More Scamming

[Photo: Scamming in the Park, 2007]

This weekend, I attended the Lance Mishleau Worship in the Park Birthday Party. The party was big! There were over 30 people there. One of the more notable guests was Randall Paulsen, the keynote speaker for The Cause (he is also Lance’s cousin). I was in Sacramento for four days and the party never stopped. I barely got any sleep! To top it off I arrived in Omaha at 11:30PM and had to be at work at 5:45AM. I guess you can sleep when you are dead.

[Photo: Talkin' in the Park, 2010]

Friday, October 1, 2010

Let It Melt

[Photo:Paris, France 2008]

There is no security in this world! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

I feel like many people don’t have vision. To make maters worse these people are typically the ones that sit behind a desk and are given the power to either grant or deny the people with the passion.

I use to think that I really wanted a dog. I saw a guy carrying a bag of dog poop today. If this part of dog ownership maybe I don’t need a dog?

I want to be a man of principle. I had a dark night with myself the other night. I realize that I am lacking.

I have never really respected authority, maybe I should? My character needs to be refined and I can admit that.

Live like a Parisian? I think that could be fun for a while. I need a mrs?

Emily Wilkens says it is all about words. It is true. I don’t always pick the best words when trying to communicate and it results in a lot more explaining then I would like. Sometimes I don’t get the chance to explain and that is even worst.

I found ten dollars at work the other day. If no one claims the money in 90 days, I get to keep it.

I am resolute to become the man that God has made me to be. To live for my Creator is an act of worship. I believe that God wants to take me to heights that I could never reach on my own accord. I want people to see my life and say he could never have done that on his own.