Saturday, September 11, 2010


This week, I started work back at The Home Depot. Now, I know what many of you might be thinking, especially those of you on the west coast, but just hold the phone for a second!

My banker has advised me that I need to have a full time job in order to qualify for a loan. On the same day that I received this advice, my former store manager called me. When I picked the phone up, he said “congratulations your interview went great, you can start work on Monday.” I was confused; I hadn’t been interviewed nor even applied for that matter. When I realized what was happening, I consented.

I didn’t get my old job back, or my pay grade. I most certainly didn’t get my office back. But I did get all of the vacation time that I had been accruing for the last year!

I am going to work this job because I have a dream not because I have I desire to make this into a career. As many of you know, I feel impressed to open a bed and breakfast. I feel like flipping houses may be bridge I have been looking.

I have a plan, a six-month plan and if that plan works, which I hope it does, I wont have to work at The Home Depot anymore. Flipping houses is a huge part of the plan but its not the most important. There are other things that are far more critical like investing in people, building community, and having a devoted prayer life. These are just a few of the goals.

I bought a white board and hung it in my room. On this board I have written my plans. I am committed and filled with passion. If this doesn’t work; I will revaluate things and go from there in six months. Whatever happens I am going to try to be joyful. I want Gods will regardless. I don’t want to look back and say to myself what if I had only tried?


Carley Brown said...

Good for you!

Stick to your decisions and work towards your goals while keeping whats important in mind along the way

Emily Star said...

Dylan! You can do this. Because God's spirit is with you, you're in the right place. I so admire you. So so admire you. Am inspired by you. I will be your biggest marketer when you open your bed n breakfast. You just wait, you'll have to shut me up because you'll be so busy. I love this white board idea. I think I might do it on a sheet and take it to africa to hang in my hut. It's intentional and I like that. Yes! Project Live Your Life! I'm you're proud, proud friend.

Miss Jehle said...

So proud of you, friend! 8 hours of sleep - man, that's a good goal. As are the rest of them. Glad you live with purpose.

Elisa said...

I ate cheerios in the car today and felt guilty. Will writing down my goal help? Have fun at work.