Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not My Vacation

This isn’t my vacation. My sister, Allison was supposed to have gotten married this last Sunday. She didn’t get married; her fiancé has yet to secure a visa. He should have been here but immigration has its own agenda.

An unlucky soul, Rheu purchased an airline ticket and took time off of work before the date was canceled. Everyday since Rheu has arrived, he has reminded me that this is his vacation, not mine.

Lost in Rheu’s vacationland, we have been to the lake, the Iowa State Fair, Mahoney State Park, and Omaha. I have introduced him to all of my friends and have taken him to the finest of restaurants. We got tattoos, ate pineapple whip ice cream (the kind I am going to have at my wedding), and have played Settlers of Catan, Blokus, and Risk. This is Rheu’s world and I am just living in it.

This is an endless summer. I can’t escape vacationland, I should just move to Maine.


Miss Jehle said...

If you went to Maine, you could probably stay with Ben Schnell in his school bus. Could be an unconventional vacation, for sure.

P.S. nice tattoo choice.

Emily Star said...

at your weeding huh? what will you be weeding out? haha i can hear you and rheu having this conversation!!! hahahahah

Wren Bird said...

Spelling error, I meant to write wedding!

TaraB said...

Um. I hope that playing Settlers of Catan isn't just in Rheu's world cause... I want to play when you're here!

Ms.Hey said...

Dylan if you write a book I swear I'll be the first in line to buy a copy.

Please please, keep writing.