Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Like History

I like exploring old and abandon buildings. I like to imagine the stories that took place in them.

There is an abandon postal annex in Omaha. Every time I go there, I cant help but think that there must have been a postmaster that work there that was passionate about his job. And every day when he got home he would embrace his wife in his arms, while his children would cling to his legs. This man worked here his entire life and while his life was simple, he was happy.

In Kansas City there is a place where there are stored dozens of old railroad passenger cars. Whenever I visit them, I picture these passenger cars carrying our young men to war. I see them dressed in their uniforms playing cards. I see some of them writing to their sweethearts as they are carried further and further away from home. I see them splitting tobacco and looking forward to capturing some real life Nazis. And sadly I know that many of them will never return home.

Today instead of exploring the buildings, I found myself with the people that lived these stories. I spent all day at an assisted-living facility.

I interviewed for the opportunity to become an administrator for a facility like the one I was visiting. They offered me the job. Shamefully, I wasn’t able to connect the stories with the people and I declined the offer.



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