Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet Michael

This is Michael, but he prefers to go by “Road Dog”. He is a full time tramp. When we picked him up in Oklahoma City, he told Amanda that all he had with him was booze and his Bible.

In the car, Road Dog pulled out of his backpack a beer; he said that it helped him relaxed. I asked him what kinds of people normally pick him up? He said, “People like you or people that do drugs.” I am not really sure what that means but I found it to be interesting.

Michael was very confident. If I didn’t know better, I would believe him. He said that the Florida had more cattle then Texas. He believed that ranchers were super rich and to fix this problem he suggested that they sell their land to commercial developers.

Road Dog explicitly described to us, his experience with LSD. He said that the telephone poles would be wavy and bend over as we passed them by, while the mountains in the horizon would melt. He also said that there would be busts of colors in the sky and that it would be completely shagadelic.

He stopped using LSD after he had a bad trip. He went to hell and all that he remembers is that it was really hot!

An interesting background fact is that his father was a pastor, a blueberry farmer, and a bootlegger.

These are just some of the highlights of our conversation that ended 543 miles later in Albuquerque. In the words of Amanda, “it is a shame we didn’t have a tape recorder.”




BrittanyK said...

He's def a highlight of your trip.

TaraB said...

I wrote a blog like this last summer when Alex and I picked up our friend Gerald. People like that are SO interesting to me. How did they get that way? What was their family like? How do they stand that much loneliness? These are all questions that I wonder, and even ask. But I can never seem to get a straight answer. I do lots of reading between the lines...

Carley Brown said...

Blueberry farmer and a bootlegger

This guy's got tons of stories!

That is unfortunate that you didn't have a tape recorder. Sounds interestlingly funny and entertaining. Other peoples stories are so cool to hear. Glad you picked him up and showed him some love