Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thieves in the Night

Thieves came in the night. Intoxicated with alcohol, they pounded on the neighbors’ door. Awaken from their slumber, these hooligans attempted to start a fight with them. The neighbors quickly shut the door on these unwanted guests. Lost in debauchery, they proceeded to pee on their cars.

Unsatisfied, they crossed the street where my father’s car was parked in the driveway. They jumped on the hood of the car and kicked the front windshield out. They then entered my car looking for anything they could steal. After going though my CD collection they realized that they probably wouldn’t like my music, so they threw the CD’s all over the lawn. There wasn’t much to take. In the end they stole Sadie’s backpack and my lose change in desperation.

Thankfully the neighbor called the police, while this was happening. The police found the convicts hiding in a closet cuddled up together. Turns out the hooligans are actually my neighbors.

I found this to be amusing and odd. I could relate, five years ago in Prague, I too found myself hiding in a closet with Israel and Emily. Like the idiots across the street we also had been disturbing the neighbors.

The next morning when I went to work, I realized that I didn’t have my office keys. Normally I leave my keys in the change cup holder in my car. The thief’s had taken my change as well as my keys!

When I got home that afternoon, I saw one of the guy’s friends that had been involved in the disruption the prior night. Irritated, I walked across the street to ask him if I could have my keys back. He seemed to have forgotten what had happened, so I gave him quick synopses of events. He told me to f-off!

His mother then came out. She was really sorry for what had happened. She is a single mother and her kids always invite people over that she has no control over. She was practically crying. I asked her for my keys. She promised that she would get them for me.

Twenty minutes later her son brought the keys back.


BrittanyK said...

Snap! That's one crazy story Dylan. Post Script--I'm super excited about our Oklahoma adventure--even if it's not Alaska.

Ms.Hey said...

I'm sorry Dylan.

TaraB said...

Dylan that's so crazy!...and also awkward considering those are your neighbors. Here's to the story... right?

Ben Schnell said...

ironically hilarious!

Carley Brown said...

wow...crazy stuff..glad you got your keys back