Friday, May 21, 2010

Me & The Man

Life is for living and I do want to live. To live freely and nobly with passion that is always backed by principle.

Life should be beautiful. I want to enjoy the simple miracles of life. These miracles are all around us. We just have to look.

To stand where I am, would be to let all of these miracles pass me by unnoticed.

I am quitting my job at Home Depot. On June 1st, I am going to embark on a journey.

I believe that the most important duty we have in this life is to know our Creator. Success is based on our relationship with God. I want to know to God better so that I will love Him more. I am seeking God. I want to understand His Word and will more clearly. I want my religion to be real. I want to experience God and marvel at His creative works.

I am going to Glacier National Park in Montana. I am going to be there for about twenty days. I am not sure how it is going to work out but I trust that God is leading me.

The relationships we have with each other can be taken with us to heaven. I believe people are the currency of heaven. I want to invest more in people and less in material things.

For the second part of the journey, I am going to visit my friends. I am going to make memories with them. We will share secrets and stories. We will talk about our dreams and struggles. We will pray together and it will be good.


Kevin said...

Its been a true honor to work along side of you these past two years or so. We've had some good talks, some short ones too. I have enjoyed our friendship and bond as we both seek to honor the Lord in our jobs, personal life and spiritual life apart from everything else. I pray God will give you a desire to know Him more and more each day on your journey this next month and until He calls you home (or comes to take you home). Going to miss you around THD but God willing, we will have many more years to share in the good things of the Lord!!

Emily said...

Dylan, I'm really REALLY proud of you! You're doing your 40 day experience (ok, 20, but it's still cool.) like we always talked about wanting to do! Keep us posted!

plimfan said...

dylan, have fun my friend! on the way learn, enjoy, and be in Gods presence. can't wait to hear about the trip! t. pella

Carley Brown said...

I think its an awesome plan! I'm sure God's been waiting for you to do this for awhile. He's excited!