Monday, March 22, 2010

Life of the House

It has been a long winter and work on the house has been slow. But we are moving forward. The basement is no longer creepy. The pet smells have disappeared. The water and drain pipes have been repair. The mold has been treated and removed. The garage/shed has been fixed. All most everything has received a new coat of paint. The bedrooms are all most completed. What is left is the flooring, landscaping, minor work in the basement, the kitchen and bathroom. I am hopeful we shall be done soon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mediocrity, You Slay Me

Mediocrity, you slay me. The Kingdom of the heaven is now advancing and I find myself struggling with your dull state of living. Everyday you visit me. You whisper in my ear, “Stop dreaming, you will fail.” You challenge me to do nothing! You seduce me to become nothing more then a moderate fool, one that lives for nothing more then myself. For this I despise you! I was made to live for something more!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turning Point

I was promoted last week. I am now the new Associate Support Department Supervisor. It’s a big name; it comes with a new office, one with four real walls. The position brings more influence and responsibility. A complementary rise was even included with the package.

I should be excited about this, but I am not! I am dreading it.

I am being transferred to another store. I have a new boss, who is very driven to say the least. At the interview, I felt like I had made my religious convictions clear. This week he had his Associate Coordinator send me an e-mail asking me to work on the Sabbath. My reply was clear with few explanations.

I received a follow up e-mail from the Store manager, my new boss, entitled: Expectations. In the e-mail there was a section dedicated to working a schedule that mirrors his personal work schedule.

Troubled and ready to lose my job, I replied boldly.

Good Morning Xee,

Thank you, for setting the expectations. I appreciate that you are being
straight forward with me.

I too, must be straight with you. I am willing to work hard for you. I
will strive to meet all of your expectations. I will even work crazy
schedules. But there is one thing you must know, I am a Seventh-day
Adventist. I believe that from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday is
the Sabbath. This is a day that we are called to worship our Creator, to
spend time with family, and to rest. We are called to leave all worldly
labors behind on this day.

I appreciate the opportunity you are providing me with. I am excited to
fill this new position. However, I am not willing to sacrifice my
religious convictions in exchange for a rise, an office, power, or
anything else for that matter.

I hope that you will be willing to accommodate my religious beliefs. If
this isn't acceptable, regretfully, I will have to decline your offer.


His response was unexpected; he said that I was fine. He told me that we would be able to work something out. Relieved momentary, this might be a turning point, for such a time as this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Liberation Day

This weekend, I rallied my resources together, to make my final payment of $2,925.12 to Chase Bank. I am debt free! My school loans have been paid in full. Any credit card debt has been relinquished. Everything has been paid! I am free!