Tuesday, February 23, 2010


You are the only you there has ever been. There may be another person with your name. But there is no other you. You are the only you there has ever has been. And you are the only you there could ever be.

In fact not even God with the resources of omnipotence at his disposal could make another you. You are a product of the free choices you have made. You have made the unique idiosyncratic special person that you are. And I hope that person is becoming a heavenly not a hellish person. You’re it. You are you. You are the only you not only in existence but the only you possible. Not even God could make another you that is actually you because you are the product of the decisions you have made.

You are the only you. Heaven forbid if you were lost there would be a vacancy in the heart of God that could not be filled. God can’t make another you. You’re his only shot at you.

God is your creator, as you work in partnership with him to become the person that God has made you to be, it is an act of worship to live for your creator. God made us. When you sing. When you pray. No one can pray like you pray because you are the only you. No one can sing like you sing because you are the only you. God demands individual praise. Kneel before the Lord your maker. Let your mind turn to the God who made you.

This is part of one of the most powerful and moving sermons, I have ever heard. To hear the rest of David Asscherick's sermon visit: http://gycweb.org/media/audio/2009/AsscherickEvening/Asscherick-Friday-Evening.mp3

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