Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Victoria- The Place to Be

Starting the morning out right Lance and I had our first showers in several days and ate Fruity Bix, which is Australia's most famous cereal and just happens to be made by Adventist.

We boarded the train to Sydney that morning, where we were greeted by twin Australian shelis, there mother, and a kiwi bloke. The conversation was very entertaining. The kiwi continued to bring up random things like, when I was in the kiwi army… Lance gave everyone the dirty on The Cause, while the twins listened intensely. And the mother filled us in on all the details ofMelbourne.

The day was filled with deals! At the Airport in Sydney we got discounted metro tickets. At Krispy Kream, I got two donuts and a milk shake for $7.50. While eating at an Asian restaurant, I got three dollars off. And to top it off in Melbourne we ran out of money for dinner, the man at the counter kindly took all of our money and called it fair, which was at least an 80 cent savings!

When we arrived in Melbourne the city was filled with excitement. There were street performers, high rise office buildings, and big name clothing designers. The city would fit perfectly into any European country. There are trams in the narrow streets, pastry shops, and street caf├ęs. Everyone seemed to be dressed up, men were wearing suits and ties, while the women looked very sophisticated in their slacks and refined dresses.

At David Jones, a clothing store, Lance and I met up with Danielle, another one of Lance’s old friends from Avondale. From the very beginning Lance described her as very sophisticated, like the city she lives in. In her black elegant work attire, to her high rise apartment, she was just as Lance had said. Shortly after arriving we took the tram to her home to get ready for a night on the famous Chapel Street.

Chapel Street was booming with life. Walking down to the end of Chapel Street we stumbled into a 1930’s movie theater called the Astro, with its Art Deco it reminded me of grandeur times.From there we made our way to the beach. A little too late to watch the sunset, we still had a good time taking photos in front of the beach huts.


Sadie said...

Dylan! I miss you. I tried calling the other day and remembered that you are gone. Do you still have that Fossil watch that you never wear? The brown one? Cause I want to give Alex a watch so that I can say "Merry Christmas, I look forward to the good times that await us." The only thing is, I don't want him to feel uncomfortable if I give him a $80 watch plus everything else. So if you have yours still, can I buy it from you and mom and dad can ship it to me. Let me know. I know that you are probably having a lot of fun. I love you.

Ben Schnell said...

Yeah, I heard Melbourne was heaps European, but I never got to go. It sounds cool.

Miss Jehle said...

You are totally qualified to teach realie on Australia now. Not that qualifications really matter...but it would have been nice.