Friday, December 4, 2009

Summer in Sydney

Waking up at 4:45am, Lance and I rushed to the airport. Tiger Airlines, Australia’s budget airline, would be our carrier to Sydney. When we told our friends in Melbourne that we were flying with Tiger, they laughed at us because apparently Tiger is not the greatest. On board we discovered what they were talking about. The seats are so tight that when ever the person sitting in front of you moves, you can feel it in your keens and then when the person behind you moves you can feel it as well. There is no where to move your body if you are uncomfortable. Tiger should make a guarantee that if you are not completely uncomfortable for the entire flight they will refund your money.

Usually when I travel, I ended up wearing the same clothes a few days in a row. I don’t ever plan it to be this way. I usually pack enough clothing. Today was different however, instead of wearing the exact same clothing I wore the day before, I mixed it up. Israel has always told me that commando was the way to go, if you truly want to be free. I truly do want to be free. And since I had failed to calculate the correct underwear to days ratio, today, was the day to be completely free!

Sydney was another big touring day! Since Lance had been to Sydney before, he already knew all of the good places to visit. We went to the Opera House, saw the Harbor Bridge, listened to some musicians in Hyde Park, walked through downtown, and even toured a submarine at Dawes Point. The day was really good.

Wanting to make it to Avondale for Vespers we boarded the train. When we got to Morisset, the closest station to Avondale, we didn’t have a ride. Thankfully near the station, we stubble into some people that go to Avondale, that were willing to give us a ride.


Miss Jehle said...

Better get ready for Winter in Michigan...we had snow and thunder today, at the same time!

Ben Schnell said...

I never flew Tiger. The sites in Sydney are pretty sweet eh? I liked them.