Sunday, December 20, 2009


It brought so much joy to my heart to see John and Patricia get married! John is such a good guy. I admire his discipline and commitment to God. He is a strong Christian. He does everything with passion. He is most definitely, hands down, voted the hottest McNeilus Language School teacher of 2006! Patricia you got a good one, John searched the world for you.

After the reception dinner, in good company, we started a game of Risk at Amanda’s house. I can admit this now; it was the most humiliating game I have ever played. I was the first one out of the game, which never happens. We were even playing with two people that had never played before! Rheu was defiant in making sure I was the first kill of the game.

At two in the morning John called with a heavy burden on his heart, he had forgotten his passport at Andrews. Turk, Rheu, and I agreed to drive to Chicago that night to deliver his passport.

We went to John’s house. Pounding on the door Gestapo style, an unfamiliar face finally answered. This was John’s rent paying replacement. We stormed the house, looking for a pink duffle bag. This led us to John’s old bedroom, where one of his roommates lay in slumber. Relentlessly we turned the lights on. We quickly spotted the infamous pink duffle bag. Searching the bag, I quickly found his passport.

In Chicago we found John’s hotel. John was eternally grateful, he even offered us money. We didn’t accept it, he is our friend and that is what friends do when one is in need.

I was determined to save money. I suggested that we sleep in the car. Turk and Rheu didn’t like the idea. In rebellion Turk said “what are we going to do, when you get cold?”

We found a Motel 6. Bullet-proof glass protected the woman behind the desk. We quickly settled into our suite. Matt’s comment on our new accommodations was, “I wonder how many women have been impregnated in this bed?”


Emily Star said...

Ugh....sinking feeling in my heart. i didn't even have the heart to call you guys while you were driving because i was so bummed that I wasn't there. my own fault. but still. i miss you guys. love emily

Miss Jehle said...

It's too bad John didn't call a little might have still been enjoying your second chance at world domination ;)

Ben Schnell said...

Thats my worst nightmare, leaving my passport right before I travel, but on the honeymoon! worst case scenario!