Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chasing the Sun

Through out the night our flight chased after the sun. Skipping over Monday completely, at about 6:00am on Tuesday we finally reached day light. Three hours later we finally landed in Sydney, Australia.

At the airport, Lance and I were faced with bewilderment. We had no idea were to go and we needed to make some fast plane reservations for our trips to Melbourne and the Great Barrier Reef.

We made our way to the Virgin Blue ticket booth. There we gave the women behind the desk our destination and dates. As she searched prices, we asked her if her airline was going to be the cheapest airline in Australia. To our surprise she said “Well, we are kind of popular, we are like second to Qantas.” A little confused I replied, “So you are saying you’re not the cheapest?” She reassured me that her

company wasn’t the cheapest and if we paid $5 we could get a ride to the main concourse and book tickets there for less on another airline. Deciding to face defeat under the pressure, we hoped that we would have better luck on the internet.

We boarded a train to Morisset, the closest town to Avondale.

In Morisset, we flagged a taxi for the final stretch of our journey. The taxi driver asked us if we wanted to take the long way or the short way to Avondale. Thinking that was a stupid question we said the short way, of course, why would we pay more to take the long way? After the driver dropped us off, it became clear, as to why someone might want to take the longer journey. To reach the school, we had to go down this narrow trail, drag our luggage across rockyterrain, and then cross a rope bridge to reach the campus.

At Avondale we met up with Chappo, Lance’s long time Australian friend. He took us to eat Kabobs and then we picked up some bread to feed to the kangaroos at a near by park. I had some ambitions of possibly boxing a kangaroo but after seeing how big their claws were, I decided that it probably wasn’t the best idea.

It is now Tuesday evening and our Australian friends are working on making us “tea” in the kitchen, I recollect that I haven’t had a shower since Sunday morning. Now, I know there is a time change in there somewhere and I don’t really know what meal this is but I am thankful for the people in the kitchen making dinner and I am sure no matter how long it’s been it is time for a shower.


Miss Jehle said...

Australian Adventure! I'm excited for you. Don't miss your plane back to America though...cause I'm also excited to see you soon!

Sadie said...

Dylan! That is so cool. Someday when I am a rich teacher. . . we need to go together.

Ben Schnell said...

Bro, thats a grueling plane trip eh? I'm pretty sure I know Chappo from when I was at Avondale, unless there's more than one. : )