Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bucks Party

Today we had Chappo’s Bucks Party. A buck’s party is similar to a bachelor party. However, I would discover it is a lot more humiliating for the groom than it usually is in America.

The evening started out nice. All of Chappo’s mates took him go-carting. We had a barbeque, all pretty normal things. But after that it gets crazy! Some of the guys brought mesh panty hoses, a tight pink belly shirt, and some very low cut shorts. Chappo was then forced to put these clothes on. There wasn’t really a battle either. He just accepted his faith. He even put them on in the women’s bathroom.

At Chappo’s house later that night, they blindfolded Chappo with toilet paper and duck tape. We then sat in his living room for 30 minutes, while all most of the guys teased him. I won’t go into detail. The poor guy just took it, I guess this is all pretty normal in Australia.

The guys then took Chappo outside. They sat him in a chair and we waited. We waited for a car to roll up into the front yard. The radio was blaring strip tease music. While two girls jumped out of the car. The women then started dancing while wrapping Chappo with ropes and chains to his chair.

The girls then took the garden hose and started spraying him. In the process someone took the blindfold off. Chappo’s mates then threw flour in his face.

It doesn’t stop there. I guess everyone felt bad about getting him so dirty. To make it up to him, all of the guy grabbed him and proceeded to through him off the rope bridge.


Ben Schnell said...

Wow, bro. Thats intense.

Miss Jehle said...

This isn't what you planned on doing to John? ;)