Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sunny Side

Happy Sabbath! Last Sabbath I was at Union College, today I am at Avondale College, and next Sabbath I will be at Andrews University. I love God’s Church! It is so amazing that I can go anywhere in the world and worship with God’s people. Our Church family is united.

After church we had lunch at Chappo’s. We had Haystacks. The company was great; it is graduation weekend, so he had invited heaps of people over.

Today I had high hopes of spending some time at Sunny Side, Ellen White’s house in Australia. Lance had told me that Mrs. White had written the Great Controversy while in Australia, so I thought that it would be really cool to spend Sabbath reading it at her house.

Arriving at Sunny Side, I discovered that it was closed and that Ellen White hadn’t written the Great Controversy here! She had written the Desire of Ages while in Australia. A little frazzled, I thought about breaking into Ellen White’s house. Realizing how irrational that would be, I quickly throw that idea away. My company was in a hurry and wasn’t interested in spending the afternoon reading the Great Controversy. This jeopardized my plans completely.


Miss Jehle said...

I wish you had broken in to Ellen White's house. I think that could have been your best story yet.

Emily Star said...

hahahahha dylan you kill me. i wish i was coming to johns wedding. :(

Carley Brown said...

Johns wedding? like John Clark?

Hi Dylan,

Your in Australia? What company? what are you doing these days?