Friday, November 13, 2009

Molotov Cocktail!

I had never had a Molotov cocktail before. So when I had to opportunity to mix up one of those dangerous drinks, I was filled with excitement and anticipation! Later when I would tell a friend at work about this experience, he asked me if the drink had a kick? My response to his question was its explosive!

A Molotov cocktail isn’t what it sounds like; it most certainly isn’t a drink as my friend at work would later learn. You might have seen these cocktails used in the movies. Nazis, Communist, Fascist, and other extremist like to use this very affordable tool to reek havoc on innocent civilians. Rather then continue to go into detail I would prefer simply just to show you.

We are probably the worst arsonist ever! It took us three tries before we had a successful explosion.


Ben Schnell said...

Okay, that looked fun. Was that the clip of the successful explosion? I like how it flamed big as you threw it.

Miss Jehle said...

I see losing your heel hasn't taught you much about caution.