Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bon Voyage

Every time I drive to the airport I am filled with anxiety. Three out of the last four trips I have taken friends to the airport they have missed their flights. You never know if you will make it in time when driving from Lincoln to Omaha. Allison missed her flight completely last time, Lance has missed his flight the last two times, so as you can see the odds are not in your favor. I made it in the nick of time only to discover that my flight had been delayed 30 minutes.

After going through the TSA security check point, I was in quite a bad mood! This next statement might get me red flagged, but I do not care, I think TSA is the dumb! They make you think that you are safe but really you are not any safer, just inconvenienced! I hate taking my shoes off; who do they think I am Maxell Smart? Its not like I have a bomb in my shoe, I don’t even think it is a real threat. If someone tried to highjack a plane post 911, the passengers would just kill them, we don’t need TSA. TSA is just another way the US government waste our tax dollars and invades our privacy!

When I arrived in San Francisco, Lance met me at the gate, to my relief. By this time I had calmed down. Lance had the great idea to rent a car for the next five hours so we drove down to the bay area. It was really a lot of fun. Lance almost drove down a flight of stairs. We went to Tartine’s bakery and cafĂ©. I spent $20 on pastries but I didn’t even care, the pastries were so good! We visited the Golden Gate Bridge, did a little exploring around the old military batteries, traveled down to the pier, and even found some time to eat at In-n-Out.
The day should be ending right now, it is 12:00AM in Lincoln and 10:00PM in California but our journey is only starting.


Emily Star said...

dylan, i hope this trip brings us some good stories...and you some living your life. love emily

Ben Schnell said...

sweet bro, sounds good. I've never been there.