Friday, November 6, 2009

Apple Jack King

“Hey what are you doing?” What does it look like? I am trying to hide inconspicuous behind your apple mansion. Lucky the Apple Jack King hadn’t detected me so obviously he couldn’t be talking to me. Puzzled I looked around to see who he could be talking to. I didn’t have to look far, there was my shameful friend Luke Beazley urinating on his fence. Luke’s reply was um… peeing? The Apple Jack quickly replied with “I know exactly what you are doing!” Apparently he had the impression that Luke was doing something much more then just going to the bathroom. Irritated and fuming the Apple Jacks next move was to call the police, very irrational for the situation I thought but at least it was setting the stage for a better story.

Sardines was the name of the game (it is hide and go seek only backwards, one person hides while everyone else searches for the person hiding, when they find them they too must hide with them). The Nebraska C
ity Apple Orchard was the arena. And the Apple Jack King was the caretaker. At the orchard there is a historic mansion which is part of the park, this is where the Apple Jack King lives. There is no trespassing involved or really any criminal activity; everything was fairly legitimate with the exception of the apple war which we had earlier in the day.

As the story goes, wanting to smoothing things over, Luke went up to the caretaker’s door to try to explain himself and apologize. Unfortunately this really wasn’t going anywhere. Hiding around the corner I listened as the Apple Jack King told Luke that he really didn’t care and that he could explain it to the police when they got there.

It was time to flee, the police wou
ldn’t be there for a few more minutes and plus it is not like we were running from the police, they hadn’t got there yet. By this time, almost everyone involved in the game was aware of the situation that is with the exception of the person hiding. No one could find her so we couldn’t just leave.

Finally we found Claudia. We split into two groups; those that would go get the cars and those that we would meet up with us at another park down the street. It was ironic; the police cruiser drove by on the main road and then groups of us jumped out of the bushes to go our separate ways.

Safely in the car, I drove down to the park to pick up the others. I found them on the road halfway there, for a moment I slowed down to pick them up only to accelerate as the police cruiser pulled out of the park entrance.

My friends were goners. The police pull them over. I quickly fled the scene. There were two other cars so we designated a meeting spot and waited it out. There was really no reason to worry, its not like we were really guiltily of anything. Never the less some did worry as we waited for a phone call from those that were now in the custody of the police.

Twenty minutes later we got the expected call. The police just asked them if any of them were guilty of the crime. Luke confessed. The police looked at their Id’s. They suggested not urinating in public places in the future and that was it.


Ben Schnell said...

running from the police is extremely awesome when you are not really guilty of anything but your guilty enough to be chased so they can talk to you. Its fun to run, knowing that they can't really do anything to you, but they still feel motivation to chase, and heck yes, we feel motivation to run, for the sake of it. yeah.

Miss Jehle said...

Haha.. How do you always manage to get stories that involve the police?

nance said...