Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Live Your Life Tour

This last month at Home Depot, I have had alot of ups and downs, many days I have found myself wishing that they would just fire me! It feels like many of the people at work, like to shift the responsibility of their own actions on to others and then strive for more power and responsibility. People ask me, how my people work at Home Depot? And I will say about half of them.

One day while facing the cleaning aisle, it hit me; I AM NOT LIVING MY LIFE! I don’t do what I want on most days. I am not free. There are many things that I want to do but have been too afraid to ask for.

I decided that it was time for me to take a stand and if they were not willing to accommodate my request, then I would quit!

That night I made my list.

I want to go to John Clark’s Wedding at Andrews University
I want to go to Australia in November
I want to go to GYC in Louisville, KY

It’s a pretty big list, especially since all the events take place in a two month period. But I had to make it big, if it was going to be worth quitting for. Plus it had to be big enough to face resistance from management. That next morning I presented my request to the store manager. Surprisingly, my boss agreed to my entire request! There was no compromising or even coaxing required.

The story doesn’t end there; two weeks ago I also go promoted. I am now the Associate Coordinator, which is a pretty legitimate job, a job that would be appropriate for someone with a college education. I handle all of the stores human resource stuff as well as make the employees work schedule. This is a very nice perk because I now have control over my own schedule.

Its funny how things work.

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Ben Schnell said...

Thats amazing! Thats like the best case scenario possible! This story made me extremely hopeful, like freedom and adventure is possible, and its not mutually exclusive with legitimacy. thanks man, there is hope