Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zip is Hip!

If you’re hip, you zip because zip is hip! I have been in the college of zip lining for quit sometime now. I would dare to call myself an expert, but considering the “incident” that happened two weeks ago, it might be questionable now.

Two Sabbaths ago, we reached what at the time; I would have considered the zenith of zip lining technology. All of the elements of a great zip line were in place water, danger, extreme heights, reliable equipment, and of course a knowledgeable group of advisors.

As the afternoon progressed and the fear of the zip line decreased more and more people started to go; some people even dared to double up, going together. By this time the zip line appeared to have been tamed and domesticated, everyone was going.

For the last run of the day, Lance and I decided to double up and launch our bodies off the bridge that is of course using the zip
line. Unfortunately for us, the zip line didn’t prove to be as faithful as we first believed!

Falling through the air like a cartoon charter, I could only think to myself this is probably it, what a stupid way to die! The bridge is at least 50 feet off the ground and below the bridge there is an array of rocks, metal wreckage, and tree branches to greet any unexpecting visitor. As my feet hit the water, I thought to myself, it will only be a second now and my feet will be crushed. Entering the water my feet bent like an accordion absorbing the impact. My head went under water for a moment. Emerging from the water I started to scream! And then Lance joined me in screaming. My left foot hurt so terribly bad.

Thankfully the Lord had been looking out for us, instead of falling the full 50 feet, we only had to deal with about a 30 foot descent, since the zip line didn’t drop us instantly. And on top of that, we landed in two feet of water, which doesn’t seem like much but I am fairly confident that it helped.

Under Philip Stokes recommendation, I went to an urgent care center, which was followed up by a visit to my family physician and two visits to the wound care center. Despite the more desirable landing my doctor tells me that it is a miracle that I only had to lose all of the skin on my heel. I think that it is truly amazing that Lance and I only suffered minor injuries, I know that it more then luck.


Miss Jehle said...

A. It's amazing to me that you were submerged under 2 feet of water.

B. You should probably post a picture of your skinless heel.

C. I'm glad you will always be a man of adventure. But please be careful! I'd like to be friends with you for many years :)

Ben Schnell said...

Dude, an amazing story with amazing pictures. I'm glad you got away relatively clean. I want to go sometime.