Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh, Omaha!

Oh, Omaha! Every time I go there adventure finds me! Weather I am with the Beazley’s, Matt Turk, 0r Janna. It is always a good time, when you have friends in Omaha. There is continually something to stumble into... fashion shows, abandoned buildings, museums, the theater… There is a puppy shop, which is more like a warehouse, and then there is the world’s largest swing bridge, which is always open to exploration. Then there are the slides, Old Market, and the river walk. And when Rheu is with me, we go to the botanical gardens and take pictures of flowers. There is the zoo, Union Station, and the grounded World War II submarine. Hallock is always a fit volunteer when it comes to exploring. I like to eat at Zio’s Pizza, sometimes. I always feel greasy after eating there.There are free art galleries, street musicians, and homeless people. Omaha comes to life, when you are there with great friends. And at the end of the night if you happen to be a single lady, Lance Mishleau might just buy you an ice cream cone.


Miss Jehle said...

Friend! It's been far too long since we've shared stories. I have two more weeks of camp, but after that I'm planning to drive around the country with a stop in Lincoln, Nebraska. Will you be there July 29ish? Would love to see you!

Ms.Hey said...

When will I see you again?!?!?!