Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camp Yorktown Bay

Happy Birthday Sadie! On this very day last year, Allison and I found ourselves in a vicious fight for our sister’s dignity. At Yorktown Bay they like to throw people into the lake on their birthday. Al and I didn’t take a liking to this, since two of the guys throwing Sadie in were very suspicious characters and a number of the other guys turned out to be fairly questionable as well. So since it is Sadie’s Birthday, I would like to reminisce on the brutal and horrific battle of York Town Bay.

Friday, June 26, 2009

There is a God, a loving one at that.

There is a God, a loving one at that.
As humans we find ourselves under a moral law which we didn’t make for ourselves and we cannot quite forget, even when we try. Just as our bodies are governed by the law of gravitation and organisms by biological laws, we humans are also governed by a moral law however unlike the law of gravitation, we have the choice to obey this moral law or to disobey it. There must be a power behind this moral law, a God. By examining the moral law we can discover the character of the one who created it. This moral law promotes us to feel that we ought to help those in need, to be honest, to stand up for justice, to be fair, to respect life, and honor our fellowman. These moral laws are written on our hearts. All of humanity recognizes these standards of what is right and wrong. Sadly, as a result of sin those who refuse to acknowledge these standards can eventually become desensitized and no longer see the difference between right and wrong. You can be good for the mere sake of being good: you cannot be bad for the mere sake of being bad. All the things that enable a man to be bad are in themselves good. God is a loving God because he sets goodness and love in our hearts.