Wednesday, September 24, 2008

History of the Premier Fleet

The Premier Fleet is what I like to call my wardrobe, its not just any wardrobe, it consist of only the finest attire. Each article of clothing is hand picked and approved by none other then myself. The Fleet consists of cruisers, romancers, business, and of course funsers. Since the summer of 2005, when the fleet was established, there have been four eras of quality.

Pre-Prague Fleet
Hallmarks of this era were Gap/Old Navy khakis, pants, & button ups, as well as ties from JC Penny's.

Prague & Post-Prague Fleet
This era featured high quality designers like Zara, Bata, and H&M. Note: this included a mullet haircut from one of Czech Republics most celebrated hairstylist, Roberto.

Florida Hospital Fleet
The highlight of this fleet was the 1MX shirt from Express. Other advances included replacing most of the pants from the Pre-Prague era with new pants from Gap. The end of this era also featured many articles of clothing from Banana Republic, due to the employee discount.

Post-Union College Fleet
The current consist of this new fleet include new suits from Target and form fitting dress shirts from Express. Many of the classics are wearing out and need replacements. This era is still developing.

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