Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friends I have come up with a mission statement! I like it quite well and I want to share it with you, so here it is:

To live freely and nobly with passion, that is always backed by principle.

I want to be free from unreasonable financial burdens. I want to be free from obligations that handicap autonomy. I want to be free from the preoccupation of possessions. I want to be free from sin. I want to be free to live my life with dignity and respect.

I want to be noble and care for my fellow man. I want to value people and treat them with respect for "we are all linked together in the great web of humanity and what ever we can do to uplift others will also result in blessings upon ourselves", Ellen White. I want to be noble enough to put the needs of my family before myself; I want them to be a priority. I want to have integrity in my personal and public life.

I want to live life passionately. I want to have passion for my career. I want to be passionately in love with my wife. And most importantly, I want to be passionate about my relationship with God.

I want all of these things to be back by principle, Biblical principles that won't change. I want to be lead by Gods teachings and commandments. I want to be a man that will stand for the right thought the heavens fall.