Sunday, February 11, 2007

Train Jumping

Today was a great feat for Project: Live Your Life! Israel and I successfully jumped onto a moving freight train. The destination was unknown and the weather was less then inviting. Shortly after boarding, the train was held up in the Lincoln yard for an hour and a half. Israel and I hid in some coils in a gondola car to avoid detection from the railway police. When the train finally left the yard, I climbed up onto one of the coils as the train sped thru the Nebraska countryside. It was amazing; I felt like I had just joined the kings of the universe club! With the exception of the unforgiving wind, the moment was perfect.

Two hours later, the train pulled onto a siding in Dorchester, Nebraska, population 621. Deciding that this was our destination, we deboarded the train, only to discover that there was an approaching train headed towards Lincoln, on the mainline. Unfortunately this train wasn't hobo compliant.

As we walked into the town, I couldn't help but sing, dam it feels good to be a gangsta. Because that it how it was. I mean we had just jumped of a train and now we were walking down the middle of this ghost town. Matt Turk, we are hardcore!

In town we found shelter and food at the local grocery store. An hour later Amy and Tyler picked us up.

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