Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Project: Live Your Life

Are you free? We live in a free country. Do you do what you want? Who controls you? Does school, girlfriends, boyfriends, grades, money, parents, or friends control you? If you are like me, I would like to be able to say God controls me but sadly that's not true all the time. Here is a little test to examine who really controls you. Its 9:30 you have got a three page paper in World Literature, a quiz in Astronomy, and five really hard problems that you don't understand how to do in Calculus due tomorrow morning. You normally have your devotions at this time. But now you have to choose between the two. Sorrowfully homework usually wins.

Project: Live Your Life is about prioritizing and making time for the things you enjoy. If you manage your time well then you wont be put in the situation above. Project: Live Your Life isn't an excuse to do poorly in school or neglect the things in life that you are obligated to fulfill. Its scheduling time for friends, exercising, journaling, reading, or whatever it is that you would like to do but never seem to have the time to do.

My point is this: sometimes we get too caught up in life just trying to get by, that we aren't truly living. Don't let life control you, let God.